Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for the Workplace


The mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based workplace programme that combines the practice and clinical application of mindfulness with effective tools to manage stress and improve functioning. The heart of this work lies in acquainting participants with their characteristic cognitive, behavioural and emotional patterns, while simultaneously inviting them to develop a healthier and more effective relationship to these aspects of their experience.

The most effective vehicle of developing mindfulness is through practice and experience, so the orientation of this workshop is experiential and interactive. However, as a means of facilitating understanding and providing participants with a context for mindfulness practice, the programme begins with an introduction and discussion of the theoretical and empirical background of MBSR, which draws from the 35+ year history of this programme at the University of Massachusettes Medical Centre.

The formal mindfulness practices will be taught with an orientation toward utilising them to “handle” stress and enhance one’s life at work and at home. In an iterative format, following each of these exercises, participants will have the opportunity to explore their experience and the potential opportunities for applying mindfulness in their lives. As a conclusion to the workshop, participants are provided with practical suggestions for ways that they may utilise and expand their experience with mindfulness.


• A way of engaging and nurturing the relaxation response – a deep state of relaxation which can help in reducing stress
• Increased skills in managing difficult emotions
• An ability to be less reactive and more responsive to a wide range of stressful situations.
• A method for increasing concentration and focus through the practice of mindfulness
• An improved capacity to be present and skillful with respect to our thoughts, feelings and sensations.


• Western Cape Department of Health
• City of Cape Town Legal department
• Sport Science Institute South Africa (SSISA)
• Investec Private Bank
• Library Staff - Cape Town City
• Helderberg Hospital
• Cape Town Medi-Clinic
• City of Cape Town Emergency Services
• Sigma Health Fund


• I have learned to recognise when I have been hijacked by my thoughts and am no longer present.
• It (the course) was most useful in helping me understand the difference between thoughts and feelings.
• The mindfulness course coincided with an extremely busy time of my work years, but the practices have definitely helped me to keep things in perspective.
• The most useful aspect was learning to separate thoughts and reality
• I have learned to see emotions as guests and not things that define me
• We were given relevant and easy tools to sue. It taught me accountability for my actions.
• I learnt how to be present
• The programme really helped me with my stress management and also helps one put things in perspective.
• An amazing course that has changed my life for the better.